6 Guidelines for Boosting Energy Remember

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The human brain has far more powerful skills than a PC which can store billions of information. The reason is that, fantastically, the brain has a way of adapting and then changing even as we age. This skill is known as neuroplasticity.

When stimulated with the right method, the brain can create a new network of neurons. This tool will also get used to big changes to always be able to remember something and concentrate. However, with increasing age and the risk of diseases that hit the body, the memory skills of the brain can also weaken.

This situation certainly has the potential to limit the profession and activities that you do every day. However, you don’t need to be afraid, because there are several tips as part of a fresh lifestyle application that you can do. Of course so that you can increase memory energy and brain focus. Curious about anything? Come on, see the data here!

This is a guide to increase brain memory energy that needs to be known

co assistant doctor ~ Starting from consuming balanced nutritious fresh food, to widening the time for conditioning. The following is an explanation of some of the guidelines, including:

1. Eat Healthy Food

Like the body that needs nutrition to stay fresh and energetic, the brain also needs special nutrients that can support its work skills. Next is a popular type of food that has benefits for the brain:

  • Fruits and vegetables. Bright colored fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, grapes, tomatoes, broccoli, and red sweet potatoes have a fairly large antioxidant content. This substance is useful for protecting brain health from cell destruction.
  • The content of omega 3 fatty acids found in several types of fish, such as salmon, tuna, sardines, halibut, and fish balls is useful for maximizing brain power. Not only from fish, you can also consume omega 3 fatty acids through the addition of fish oil or consuming vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and seaweed.
  • Green tea. Contains polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants, green tea is proven to provide many benefits for the brain. Drinking green tea regularly increases the memory that can be stored in the brain, improves psychological understanding and slows down the aging process.

In addition to eating foods that are good for the brain, you also need to stay away from consuming too many foods that have simple carbohydrates, large saturated fats and alcoholic beverages. Because, some of that consumption can cause negative effects on the brain.

2. Doing Brain Exercise

In order to continue to be sharp, the brain also needs to be sharpened with various directions. As you continue to do activities that involve the use of the brain, you will continue to be fast at doing and remembering something. Some games that can be good exercise for the brain are like puzzles, cross mystery, qubic, chess, and strategy games. Not only that, actively reading novels, practicing language, and playing tango are also effective for training the brain.

3. Physical Exercising

Not only exercising the brain, exercising in fact also affects the intensity of your brain. Regular exercise will accelerate the circulation of blood in the body, including the supply of blood and acids that lead to the brain. That way, your brain’s ability to remember and concentrate will also be better. Walking, swimming, aerobic training and other physical exercise can increase substances that are beneficial for the brain, reduce stress, and, most importantly, motivate the formation of new networks of neurons.

4. Get Enough Rest

If you are used to sleeping late or often don’t sleep, quickly change the routine. Because this can lead to reduced creativity, critical thinking skills, and problem solving. Adequate and quality sleep is needed to maintain one’s memory and focus. So that your brain health is always maintained, you need to fulfill your body’s desire to sleep at least 7.5-9 hours every day.

5. Make Activities More Organized

Signs that your memory energy has dwindled are that you often don’t remember where you put your things, don’t remember to bring something, don’t remember to coincide with the anniversary of the companion, and so on. Well, to minimize that incident, it’s good if you start organizing each of your activities.

Get in the habit of putting things in their place, so you can find them easily. You can also write meaningful schedules on a schedule, or the calendar on the gadget that can help you remember.

6. Expanding the Duration to Meditate

Carrying out activities such as seclusion can affect health in a positive way in many ways. Because seclusion can ease the mind, and has been proven to reduce mental stress, pain, lower blood pressure, and improve brain memory. Interestingly, seclusion has also been proven to increase gray matter in the brain, which at the same time decreases with age.

This is based on a study published in the National Library of Medicine entitled The underlying anatomical correlates of long-term meditation: larger hippocampal and direct volumes of gray matter. It should be recognized that gray matter is an important part of the central nervous system, which has a significant function in transmitting data to the brain.

When gray matter in the brain shrinks with age, this situation will adversely affect memory and cognitive function of the brain. Such are the tips for increasing memory energy to be even better. Starting from consuming fresh food to freeing up time for conditioning. If you often find it difficult to remember and concentrate, you should immediately visit a doctor to ask for the right medical advice.

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