Want Stock Capital? This is a Professional Zone in 2019


Pat, pat, curl, ready for great fortune in the zodiac year of the Land Pig? Come on, become capital market investors. Capital
the best penny stocks to invest in specifically are one of the best methods for multiplying money. Want to know what stock zones are predicted to be profitable and break up in 2019? Follow this statement further.

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Interpretation of capital stock is an investment activity in the form of purchasing shares (message value) industry. So by buying industrial shares, you become the owner of that industry. Now the industry whose shares are purchased through the Indonesian Impact Money Market (IDX) is a registered industry or the cool designation of the issuer (an industry that sells its shares to the public). Each issuer has its own stock cues. Always consists of 4 graphs.

BEI is a kind of plaza that provides a place for stock performers to do business, buy and sell each share or the impact they have. Stocks are one of the capital market products as well as long time capital instruments. The minimum number of shares purchased from an issuer is 1 lot = 100 shares.

Share Capital Profit:

1. Obtain capital gains or profits from escalating stock prices

2. Obtain dividends or allotment of company profits

3. Has the power to explore the Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) held by the industry in an orderly manner.

Risk of Stock Capital:

1. There is capital loss or loss of depreciation in stock prices

2. Risk of dissolution if the industry goes bankrupt

3. Do not get dividends.

How much does the share capital return?

Stocks are capital which is categorized as high risk high return (big risk, high return). Based on IDX information, as of January to December 19, 2018 (year to date), the JCI registered a weakening of 4.31%, and the LQ45 indicator (note 45 option shares with large market investments) fell further by 10.77%.

In the midst of the weakening, there are a number of stocks waiting for LQ45 indicator that tasted the highest stock price (ytd) taken from rti. co. id, including:

The Combined Share Price Indicator (CSPI) is forecast to climb to the 6.700 level as far as January-April 2019. This anticipation is sustained by various domestic affections, one of which is the Ordinary Determination (Election) of the Head of State and Delegation of the Head of State for the 2019-2023 time span. Exactly on April 17, 2019.

“IHSG has the opportunity to lead to the level of 6,700 or precisely 6,723 from January to April 2019. It is supported by euphoria window dressing (accounting engineering application to make beautiful financial information), January Effect, and election. I’m hopeful, “said the Chairperson of the Indonesian Impact Analyst Federation (AAEI), Edwin Sebayang when speaking closely. com, recently.

Edwin admitted, the rate of the JCI was reflected in the experience of the election. Where 6 months before the election, the JCI was going to skyrocket. After that, he continued, the market wants to familiarize itself or adjusment with implementing selling behavior.

“What needs to be considered after the presidential election, the market wants to carry out adjustments is attacked by the focus of selling because it has begun to appear due to the escalation of interest rates linked to the slowing economy and the shrinking ability or net profit of the issuer,” Edwin said.

To be known, the American Federal Bank Syndicate (US) The Federal Reserves has hoisted the reference interest 4 times so far in 2018 to be 2, 25% – 2, 5%. This policy also boosted the BI 7 Day Repo Rate to a level of 6% with an escalation of 6 times in 2018.

“It needs to be known, the reference interest (The Fed) is very little going up again twice in 2019, as a result the consequences are going to continue until 2020,” said Edwin.

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Looking at the JCI opportunity that wants to hold the level of 6. 700, Edwin recommends that market players use the momentum to optimize capital in the capital market, listed on the stock market from now on.

“For capital, I suggest being encouraged from now until April. After April, the ability of issuers and investors would naturally want to be accustomed to implementing the behavior

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